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As of January 4th 2016 we offer Business-to-Business trading possibilities in the categories Clothing, Cosmetics, Food, Furniture, Household appliances, Jewelry and ICT-equipment. aLot2Trade is a specially developed platform for those businesses that trade internationally and want to have a new way of offering and buying products to and from a worldwide array of collegues.

aLot2Trade is not an advertising website! We offer our participants the possibility to sell and buy products by sending out broadcasts to our members and by putting their stock on aLot2Trade without any further intervention on our part. The use of our website is prohibited to business only!


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Create unlimited profiles for your staff and select which broadcasts to receive from the maximum of 3 categories (Clothing, Cosmetics, Food, Furniture, Household appliances, Jewelry and ICT-equipment).


Add your inventory to aLot2Trade or email us your inventory (excel)file so we can import it.
Members can search all inventory items in their quest for a specific product.
Keep your inventory on the site up-to-date manually or by sending us new inventory files regulary.


Broadcast your products to the other members of aLot2Trade (unlimited broadcasts per (sub)category per day).
Receive broadcasts for selected (sub)categories from other members and respond directly to any products of your interest.


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Latest broadcasts

Category Sub-Category Subject Date

ICT equipment Laptop SELL - 2.5inch SATA harddisks available 2017-01-31
ICT equipment Networking BUY - Looking for HP ThinClient T5570e, T5740e or T610 2017-01-25
ICT equipment Laptop SELL - Apple iPad Air available 2017-01-16
ICT equipment Storage SELL - 2Tb and 3Tb harddisks 2017-01-05
ICT equipment Computer SELL - Lenovo T440p (model 20AW) laptops 2017-01-05
ICT equipment Storage SELL - InforTrend storgae cabinets available 2016-10-25
ICT equipment Computer SELL - Apple iMacs and MacBooks available 2016-09-13
ICT equipment Electronics SELL - Promethean PRM-AB2-01 ActivBoard Interactive Whiteboard (PRM-AB2-01) USED 2016-07-29
ICT equipment Electronics SELL - Promethean AB378 ActivBoard 378 Pro 78" (PRM-AB378-03) USED 2016-07-29
ICT equipment Computer SELL - Lenovo Thinkpad T410 and T420 Laptops 2016-07-28

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